Species are caught under the Quota Management System (QMS) which was introduced in 1986. The QMS is based on the concept of limiting the commercial catch for each species of fish. For stock management purposes New Zealand’s 200 mile EEZ is divided into 10 Fish Management Areas (FMAs). The purpose of this is to provide effective sustainable management of the fishery, and allowing stocks to rebuild to sustainable levels.

Fish Species

Urwin and Company Limited owns quota for a variety of species, key species caught and processed are: Blue Cod, Gurnard, Flat Fish, Elephant, Monkfish, Groper, Trumpeter, Tarakihi, Red Cod, Ling, Rig, Shark, Dogfish and Leatherjacket, Skate, Rock Lobster and Oysters.

One of the most popular and sought after is Blue Cod which is caught in the Southland Fish Management Area 5, an area containing more than half the total New Zealand Blue Cod quota.

The much cooler waters in the Southern Ocean area creates an extremely favourable environment, producing larger species renowned for their superior flavor and texture that discerning customers seek. Sea temperatures can vary considerably and storms prevail due to the temperature contrast between ice from the Antarctic and the open ocean, creating some of the strongest winds on the planet. Much of the surrounding coastal land area is home to New Zealandís heritage parks and forests. This isolated area with its windswept coastline and low density population creates the†ideal habitat for fish breeding grounds in pristine waters. However, the extreme weather can prevent the vessels from leaving Port for several days.

Fish species are sold in various states depending upon seasonality and customer specifications.


Urwin and Company Ltd owns and operates a fleet of 5 vessels registered in Bluff.

Fishing Locations

Urwin and Company Ltd owns quota primarily in the Southland region of New Zealand Fisheries Management area known for its pristine, cooler waters of the Southern Ocean.